22 Replies to “Sweeping Cold Day & Night With Windy Weather Over Saurashtra, Gujarat & Kutch On 7th/8th/9th February 2019”

  1. Sir g..why in Gujarat only Nalia rec’d very lowest temperature and coldest in minimum temperature mostly in winter..wat is the geographical reason…
    And which is the upper most cold part of india

    1. I don’t follow Naliya Weather report. It is too erratic and I would think further investigation is required about the validity of the weather data of Naliya.

      Lowest in India on 9th February 2019

      1 Qazi Gund (India) -9.0 °C
      2 Srinagar (India) -5.7 °C
      3 Mukteshwar Kumaon (India) -2.3 °C
      4 Sundernagar (India) 0.1 °C
      5 Tehri (India) 0.2 °C
      6 Shimla (India) 0.8 °C
      7 Bhuntar (India) 1.0 °C
      8 Banihal (India) 1.4 °C
      9 Churu (India) 1.4 °C
      10 Mount Abu (India) 2.0 °C

    2. Sir
      Investing is required for Bhuj weather station too. Maybe the instrument is calibrated wrong.

    3. Yes both the Stations have some unexplained variations.

      Also other strange thing is that Naliya has reported fixed figure 5.8 C as Minimum many number of times.

  2. sir gana varsho pachi aavi jordar thandi padi.matalab ke thandi no period lamba samay sudhi chalyo aa varshe

  3. Ha sir, pan only winter ma j WD ne lidhe Snowfall kem thay chhe? WD ne lidhe Snowfall thay ae type nu vatavaran Noth india ma generally kya month sudhi rahetu hoy chhe?

  4. Sir
    Dhasa vistar ma jordar pavan 20/30km ni zadape thando barfilo pavan….
    Thanks sir

  5. Hi Sir,
    Thandi haju ketlo samay rahese? Tarbuch nu vavetar karva nu chhe.

    1. સર,
      તમે આ baaki Hu LGAKN આમાં LGAKN એટલે શું કહો છો ?

    2. મેહુલ ભાઈ તરબૂચ નુંં વાવેતર ૧૦ ફેબ્રુઆરી બાદ કરી શકાય. મેહુલ ભાઈ તમારૂ ગામ ક્યુ છે ??

  6. North india ne generally kya month sudhi WD(Snowfall releted) asar kartu rahe?

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