Maximum Temperature 42C-44C Expected During 15th-17th May Over Saurashtra & Gujarat – Depression System Expected Over South Arabian Sea By 16th/17th May

Maximum Temperature 42C-44C Expected During 15th-17th May Over Saurashtra & Gujarat – Depression System Expected Over South Arabian Sea by 16th/17th May

15 થી 17 મે દરમિયાન સૌરાષ્ટ્ર અને ગુજરાત માં મહત્તમ તાપમાન 42-44 C ની શક્યતા
તારીખ 16/17 મે સુધીમાં દક્ષિણ અરબી સમુદ્ર માં ડિપ્રેસન સિસ્ટમ ની શક્યતા

લો પ્રેસર થયા બાદ અપડેટ થશે.

Weather Conditions on 10th May 2021


The Maximum Temperature has been 1C to 2C above normal over many Hot Centers, while some Centers had normal Maximum Temperature. Now the normal Maximum Temperature for most centers is around 41 C. Maximum Temperature on 9th May 2021 was as under:

Ahmedabad 43.1C

Rajkot 41.8C

Gandhinagar 41.8C

Amreli 42.2C

Vallabh Vidhyanagar 42.0C

Vadodara 41.4C

Kandla (A) 40.8C


COLA Meteogram – Rajkot for Period 10th May to 19th May 2021


A Western Disturbance will affect North India around 11th May 2021 onwards (11th-13th May) when there will be rainfall. various other parameters are present that will give rain over West Bengal to Northeast India and over Peninsular India.


Forecast: Saurashtra, Gujarat & Kutch: 10th May to 17th May 2021

The wind direction will vary but mainly it will be Westerly and North Westerly direction during the Forecast Period. High wind speeds up to 15-30 km per hour possible evening time from 10th -14th. Subsequently for rest of forecast period, the winds will be 10-15 km/hour. Scattered Clouds expected on 10th and again on from 14th onwards.

Some relief expected today in Maximum Temperature due to clouding. The Maximum Temperature from 10th to 14th May will be near normal (40C-42C). Maximum Temperature will increase during 15th to 17th May and is expected to be in 42C to 44C range. Night Temperature will also be higher during 15th-17th May compared to 10th-14th May.

Forecast For Arabian Sea:

As per IMD: The cyclonic circulation extending up to 3.1 km above mean sea level over the Equatorial Indian Ocean and adjoining central parts of the South Arabian Sea persists. Under its influence, a Low Pressure Area is likely to form over Southeast Arabian Sea and adjoining Equatorial Indian Ocean around 14th May. It is likely to become more marked over the Southeast Arabian Sea during subsequent 48 hours.

Hence a Depression System is expected by 16th/17th May 2021. Update will be given for the System once a Low Pressure develops over South Arabian Sea.






Caution: Please refer/rely on IMD/RSMC Bulletins/Advisories for Storms & Weather related matter.

સાવચેતી: સ્ટોર્મ કે હવામાન અંગે ની માહિતી માટે ભારતીય હવામાન ખાતા/ગવર્મેન્ટ ના બુલેટીન/સુચના પર નિર્ભર રહેવું.


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