Maximum Temperature Range Expected 41C-43C Over Saurashtra, Gujarat & Kutch 26th April To 3rd May 2020 – Upper Air Instability To Increase

Weather Conditions on 25th April 2020


The Maximum Temperature has decreased in last few days and has become near normal or slightly above normal over most hot centers of Saurashtra, Kutch & Gujarat. Yesterday the Maximum Temperature was as under:


Amreli 40.4C
Ahmedabad 40.3C
Kandla(A) 40.2C
Rajkot 40.0C
Deesa 40.0C

Saurashtra, Gujarat & Kutch: 26th April to 3rd May 2020

The winds will be from Westerly (West/NW/SW) direction during the forecast period. The wind speed will be high during evening times on 26th/27th & 30th APril to 3rd May with the wind speed exceeding 20km/hour.

The morning Humidity will be high from 27th April on wards especially for Kutch and Saurashtra.  Upper Air Instability will increase from 27th April. At time there will be scattered low cloud and some times medium height clouds during the forecast period. There is a possibility of isolated/scattered showers on one of the days around 28th April over Saurashtra, Kutch & Gujarat.

The Maximum Temperature expected to be increase again to above normal between 41C to 43C during the forecast period. 26th/27th will be near lower range and subsequently will increase towards upper range. The Normal Maximum Temperature is 39C to 40C over most hot centers of Saurashtra, Kutch & Gujarat.

High clouds expected on five to six days of the forecast period. Low clouds expected on a day or two.







Caution: Please refer/rely on IMD/RSMC Bulletins/Advisories for Storms & Weather related matter.

સાવચેતી: સ્ટોર્મ કે હવામાન અંગે ની માહિતી માટે ભારતીય હવામાન ખાતા/ગવર્મેન્ટ ના બુલેટીન/સુચના પર નિર્ભર રહેવું.


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