El Nino Status – 6th January 2015

El Nino Status on 6th January 2015

Most of the agencies monitoring El Nino have been forecasting every month from the beginning of 2014 that an El Nino would begin in the next two months. The year 2014 has completed without a full fledged El Nino. Only two consecutive overlapping 3-month seasons SON and OND have had ONI index equal to or above +0.5ºC thresh hold till end of 2014. SON 2014= +0.5ºC and OND 2014 = +0.7ºC

El Niño: characterized by a positive ONI greater than or equal to +0.5ºC.
La Niña: characterized by a negative ONI less than or equal to -0.5ºC.
By historical standards, to be classified as a full-fledged El Niño or La Niña episode, these thresholds must be exceeded for a period of at least 5 consecutive overlapping 3-month seasons.




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Bhupendra Tejani
Bhupendra Tejani
08/01/2015 11:22 am

Lots of thanks for giving brief information about El Nino. As SON and OND seems positive we are awaiting NDJ. The word used in above “equal to or above ” is very significant. I understand that El Nino’s trend is positive., waiting for future three months trend. Right ?