Bay Of Bengal Low Pressure Tracks Northwards

Current Weather Conditions on 16th November 2012 @ 7.00am.

Low Pressure area has developed over the over the Bay Of Bengal on 14th November at 0000 UTC around 9.00 N & 90.0 E. This Low pressure system has tracked mostly Northerly direction during the last two days and is currently located at 15.5 N & 91.3 E.

Track of the Low Pressure Over The Bay Of Bengal til 16th November 0000 UTC

(16th November 05.30 am. IST)


 Subsequent update at 10 am. IST  shows the Low Pressure center has changed to around 13.8N & 88.6E.

Satellite IR Image from NRL 98B.INVEST – Low Pressure
16th November 2012 @ 0200 UTC (7.30 am..IST)

TMD Weather Map shows the Low on 15th November 1800 UTC

(11.30 pm. IST of 15th November)

3 Replies to “Bay Of Bengal Low Pressure Tracks Northwards”

  1. @ Ashok Patel Sir . Why Surat in Gujarat is
    hottest in whole India at moment ? Almost
    whole of Oct/Nov recording max temp
    around 35/36 C !! And min temp also not
    sliding just hovering around 19/20 C !

    1. Climatological data from 1979-2000 has the Average November Maximum for Surat is 34.4 C and for October is 35.5 C. and there is nothing abnormal currently. It is just a Degree more than normal for this time of the year.

  2. I have accessed this site today for the first time. I have searched various weather channels for the position of current low pressure over bay of Bengal which is specified in this site only. Thanks.
    When can we see the next update.

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