Deep Depression Over Southeast Bay Of Bengal : Pre-Cyclone Watch For West Bengal & North Odisha Coasts : Yellow Message

16th May 2020 @ 7.00 pm Update

IMD: Depression over southeast Bay of Bengal and its likely intensification into a Cyclonic Storm: Pre-cyclone Watch for West Bengal and North Odisha coasts (Yellow Message)

IMD BULLETIN NO. : 03 (Bay of Bengal/01/2020)



The WMLP over Southeast Bay of Bengal has concentrated to a Depression this morning and at 02.00 pm. IST the System was located at 10.9N, 86.3E about 700 kms East of Tamil Nadu coast and about 775 kms South East from Kakinada, (Andhra Pradesh). The winds were blowing 50-60 kms/hour and gusting up to 70 kms/hour. This would mean that the System is already Deep Depression strength. However, confirmation from IMD is awaited. The System is expected to become a Cyclonic Storm by night and thereafter further intensification is expected during the next 2 to 3 days while tracking mainly Northwards and subsequently North Northeastwards. JTWC has already issued Tropical Cyclone Warning No. 1. The wind speed on International scales is 35 knots ( 65 kms/hour on 1 minute average wind speeds basis. IMD has a 3 minutes average basis). 

JTWC Tropical Cyclone 01B.ONE Warning No. 1 ( Potential Cyclonic Storm “AMPHAN”)
Dated 16th May 2020 @ 0900 UTC ( 02.30 pm IST)



UW-CIMMS Satellite Image of 01B.ONE ( Potential Cyclonic Storm ‘AMPHAN’) Dated 16th May @ 1200 UTC 




Caution: Please refer/rely on IMD/RSMC Bulletins/Advisories for Storms & Weather related matter.

સાવચેતી: સ્ટોર્મ કે હવામાન અંગે ની માહિતી માટે ભારતીય હવામાન ખાતા/ગવર્મેન્ટ ના બુલેટીન/સુચના પર નિર્ભર રહેવું.




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