Temperature To Increase From 10th May – Very Hot Weather Expected 15th/16th May 2018 Over Saurashtra, Gujarat & Kutch

Current Weather Conditions on 9th May 2018

Yesterday the Maximum temperature was near normal over most places of Saurashtra, Gujarat & Kutch. The Hot center areas also decreased. The Maximum Temperatures were:

Rajkot 41.7 C ( 1 C above normal), Amreli 41.4 C ( normal), Surendranagar 40.8 C, Kandala (A) 40.8 C, Gandhinagar 40.2 C, Ahmedabad 40.0 C, ( 1 C below normal).

Windy conditions prevailed over Saurashtra, Gujarat & Kutch on some days.



Forecast Saurashtra, Gujarat & Kutch 9th May to 16th May 2018

Hot centers of whole Gujarat areas will be as under:

9th to 12th May 41 to 43 C range. Hot center areas will decrease on 13th/14th May but Temperature in similar range.
15th to 16th May 41 to 44 C range with few centers crossing 44.0 C on some days.

Wind mainly Westerly directions (NW/W/SW) during the forecast period. Windy conditions expected in the later parts of forecast period along with Upper Air instability.




વાંચવા માટે ઇમેજ ક્લીક કરો – Click Image for reading


વાંચવા માટે ઇમેજ ક્લીક કરો – Click Image for reading