Well Marked Low Pressure Over Southeast Bay Of Bengal – System Expected To Concentrate Into A Depression 15th/16th

Current Weather Conditions on 14th April 2017

Heat Wave Over Saurashtra, Gujarat & Kutch on 14th April 2017

Kandla Aerodrome (Kutch) 45.4 °C
Surendranagar (Saurashtra) 45.3 °C
New Kandla (Kutch) 45.1 °C
Idar (Gujarat) 45.0 °C
Amreli (Saurashtra) 44.3 °C
Deesa (Gujarat) 44.2 °C
Bhuj-Rudramata (Kutch) 43.8 °C
Rajkot (Saurashtra) 43.5 °C
Ahmadabad (Gujarat) 43.6 °C
Baroda Aerodrome (Gujarat) 42.8 °C
Porbandar (Saurashtra) 42.4 °C
Vallabh Vidyanagar (Gujarat) 42.4 °C
Bhaunagar (Saurashtra) 42.0 °C


Southeast Bay of Bengal:

દક્ષિણ પૂર્વ બંગાળ ની ખાડી માં વેલ માર્કંડ લો પ્રેસર થયું છે. ડિપ્રેસન માં પરિવર્તિત થશે 15/16 ના.
The UAC over the Southeast Bay of Bengal had developed into a Low Pressure last night and subsequently into a Well Marked Low Pressure today. It is expected to concentrate to a Depression 15th/16th and would strengthen further 16th/17th. System is expected to track North Northeasterly direction towards Myanmar and Northeastern States of India. It will affect the Andaman & Nicobar Islands when it tracks from the West of these Islands.

This System is being monitored by NRL as 92B.INVEST with 25 knots winds 1005 mb pressure location 10.9ºN & 87.5ºE over the Southeast Bay of Bengal.

NRL IR Satellite Image of 92B.INVEST on 14th April 2017 @ 1230 UTC ( 6.00 pm. IST)




Caution: Please refer/rely on IMD/RSMC Bulletins/Advisories for Storms & Weather related matter.


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